RE: [RadiusNT] Quiet days ?

Malcolm Joosse ( (no email) )
Fri, 10 Mar 2000 14:00:37 +1100

I would not agree with you.
I found the NTMail list was the same with tech issues as this list, but they
would ignore any problems untill it became a screeming match. I also found
their tech support guys rude.
I got rid of NTMail and am now very happy with VOPMail and their support
The major source of income for a software developer is its maintanence
contracts. The problem with IT specific software is that us IT companies
like to charge it to our customers, but not pay it for the software we need.
The tech support you get from this list is ment to be from other users and
not IEA, it is just nice to have Dale and others helping out. If people
continue to whinge about the time taken to get an answer they should pay for
support or wait.
I have had no issues with the support from this list, but when I was setting
up Emerald I could not get it working. A quick call, charge on the credit
card and all was fixed in a day.....the result....I paid for what I got.
My $0.02c worth

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I believe the strategy for IEA should be the same as eg Gordano (makers of
NTMail). They monitor their user supported list, and if they see something
they open an OR (observation report) with their support-staff, this is not
quite the same as an incident, but in the long run everyone benefits.


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> Wondering if anyone from IEA is here to discuss the @ error I
> wrote about a
> few days ago :)

Remeber, this is a user supported list. Have you opened an
incident with support on this?


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