Re: [RadiusNT] SNMP Concurrency Allowing All Calls

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Thu, 9 Mar 2000 18:07:25 -0600


I think SNMP Concurrency Check is broke for any Ciscos. I had worked with
Tech Support at IEA for two days and they finally gave up. All the SNMP
information was exactly like it should be, just like your's below. I'm not
real sure whether it works for any NAS.


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We are evaluating RadiusNT 3.0 Pro (our live system is Radius 2.5 Standard)
for its SNMP Concurrency Check feature. RadiusNT is up and running.
Concurrency and variable login limits are working. The SNMP check, however,
always overides the over limit reject. Thus, users who should be rejected
because they are already logged in are being allowed to login again (in our
test case).

The NAS is a Cisco 5248.

Watching the -x18 debug, I see:
Server: x.x.x.x SNMPUser: . User: yyyyy
Sending Ack of id 129 to 7f000001 (localhost)

Using the snmputil utility in the NTResKit:
C:\NTRESKIT>snmputil get x.x.x.x zzzzzz .
Variable =
Value = OCTET STRING - yyyyy

x.x.x.x is the correct IP of the NAS
yyyyy is the username in question who is on port 1 of the NAS
zzzzz is the community name that is also listed in the Servers table
The first connection is a live user connection.
The second connection attempt is being made from radlogin.

Am I missing something?

Is testing with radlogin valid here?

Any thing else I should look at?

Thanks much

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