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aT ( )
Wed, 1 Mar 2000 01:39:44 -0500 (EST)

can i limit a user to more than one number to authenticate ...i mean can i allow a user to lets say authenticate dialing from only two specified numbers.
is it possivble for every NAS supporting CLI as Cisco 5300

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aT wrote:
> I am submitting my query again to this discussion list ....about CLI authentication can i authenticate users with CLI ... and it can be neumber only authenticaion or username/password/phone number authenticaion.... i had been usingAccess control by ascend ..and it was possible in that can i do that in this RADIUS NT ...
> Thanking Un advance

For CLI only, create a user with that callerid as the username. I'm
not positivier what the password is, but there is another attribute
that ascend sends in the CallerID authentication that is not in a
normal authentication, which you need to put a check attribute on.
Otherwise, someone can just enter the callerid/ascend for the username
and password and get in.

For Username/password/CLI, just add the CallerID as a check
attribute on the usern.

Note: For the first one to work, you have to enable CLI authentication
on the Ascend.


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