RE: [RadiusNT] iPASS Roaming and RadiusNT
Mon, 14 Feb 2000 13:39:15 -0500


We currently have IPass and RadiusNT up and running. You
have to use their auth and acct servers for any users that
are not from your network calling into your service.

However, you still use your servers for normal auth and
acct. The whole thing is basically a really big Proxy set

If you have specific questions please feel free to Email me.

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> -----Original Message-----> From: Mark Oven []> Sent: Monday, February 14, 2000 11:46 AM> To: RadiusNT Discuss> Subject: [RadiusNT] iPASS Roaming and RadiusNT> > We just finished our paperwork with iPASS and will soon be offering iPASS> services. As far as we understand some of you are already using iPASS with> RadiusNT. > > iPASS insisted that we should use their own auth and acct server (iPASS> Net> Server). But we don't want to handle one more server in our current> system. As> we're using RadiusNT with enterprise licence and as we know that there is> a> solution for using RadiusNT with iPASS, we're trying to find out if anyone> is> currently using this combination. If yes could you please tell us how you> have> set up the system and how you coordinated it with iPASS.> > Was there anyone at iPASS you had contact with and who is experienced in> this> setup?> > Waiting for your replies,> Best regards.> > > ____________________________________________________________________> Get free email and a permanent address at> > For more information about this list (including removal) go to:>

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