[RadiusNT] iPASS Roaming and RadiusNT

Mark Oven ( markoven@usa.net )
14 Feb 00 16:46:15 GMT

We just finished our paperwork with iPASS and will soon be offering iPASS=

services. As far as we understand some of you are already using iPASS wit=
RadiusNT. =

iPASS insisted that we should use their own auth and acct server (iPASS N=
Server). But we don't want to handle one more server in our current syste=
m. As
we're using RadiusNT with enterprise licence and as we know that there is=
solution for using RadiusNT with iPASS, we're trying to find out if anyon=
e is
currently using this combination. If yes could you please tell us how you=
set up the system and how you coordinated it with iPASS.

Was there anyone at iPASS you had contact with and who is experienced in =

Waiting for your replies,
Best regards.

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