Re: Re: [RadiusNT] Concurrency Control Doesn't Work, Help...

TIA ( (no email) )
Thu, 10 Feb 2000 21:49:02 -0600

Sorry for being so dense but...

>Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:
>Subject: Re: [RadiusNT] Concurrency Control Doesn't Work, Help...
>From: "Dale E. Reed Jr." <>
>Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 09:37:59 -0800
>"Todd K. Tuttle" wrote:
>> The concurrency control doesn't work for any NAS I try, only using
>> from the localhost or another machine. I have the Emerald Suite with
>> 7. I have the Concurrency Control, Variable Login Limits set in the
>> Authentication on the Advanced Tab in RadiusNT Administrator as well as
>> SNMP Concurrency Check. The radlogin check didn't work until I added the
>> primary key to the Username field in the Calls table. Now from reading
>> version 3.0 guide, apparently you have to manually add to the ServerPorts
>> table the ServerID and the Port to correspond to the NAS-Port. I ran with
>> "-x15" (see below) , but need to know which ServerID to use. Do you use
>> "Request from host cefd387c" or the "NAS-Identifier="?
>> i.e."cefd387c" or the IP address?

Even though the ServerPorts table has the correct ServerID from the Servers
Table listed and the exact ports that the NAS reports and again from the
Servers table -- I can see that the Servers Table simply assigns a number (6
in this case) to the Server field (in this case rtr3-beloit) and to the IP
address (in this case -- I need to manually alter this (the
ServerID) in the ServerPorts table and make it the IP (Nas-Identifier)? I'm
sure this can't be so...

>> Or is the Emerald administrator, and RadiusNT administrator supposed to
>> able to actually set things up so the Concurrency Control acutally works
>> without manually adding to the ServerPorts table? I have had the Full
>> Emerald Suite since November of 1999 and still have not released it into
>> "real time" use since I can't get it to do what I want. Any help would be
>> greatly appreciated.
>When you add the NAS, if you define the type/number of ports right,
>the Emerald admin will create the ports for you. However, some
>NASes (like USRs) have several different ways to config the ports,
>which makes it practically impossible to predict them all. There is
>an SQL Script at:
>that you can run. It will look at your calls table and add any
>missing ports that are not there so that concurrency will work
>the next time on that port.

I have ran this script numerous times and it does not change any of the
ports in any way as they are exactly the same as reported by the NAS , as
reported in the Servers Table, as reported in the ServerPorts table, and
reported as well as in the Calls Table. They all report or coincide exactly.
Does the NAS Type have anything to do with it? It is a type 9 stated as a
Cisco 5200 but is actually a Cisco 2511, (the QuickStart folks said this
wouldn't make any difference and that Concurrency Control was a snap). Has
anyone else confirmed without a doubt that Concurrency Control works on any
NAS and not just with radlogin? I'm certain that this is just something
totally stupid that I can't seem to resolve. And gosh, it's taken me almost
3 months of tinkering to get this far! Which brings up another point,
(besides the "I'm an idiot" thing..), what if you have several NAS's in one
location, does that mean even if Concurrency Control worked, couldn't
someone simply dial into another NAS and bypass the Concurrency Control?