Re: [RadiusNT] callerid

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 12 Jan 2000 11:22:55 -0800

Cameron Westlake wrote:
> The numbers we are getting are not valid phone numbers and don't seem to be
> related. We have 2 NAS's that we have callerid switched on by the Telco and
> are testing. They are around 400km apart and obviously use different
> exchanges and different hunt groups but the numbers are within the same
> range with some being repeated on both NAS's. The only thing that I can
> assume it relates to (but makes no sense) is the modem card / slot that the
> call is answered on. There are more callerid values for Geraldton which is
> a Hiper Arc with 8x30 modem cards than Wongan which is a Netsever with 2x30
> modem cards.

The only thing I could think of is:

1) Look at the debug from your NAS side and see if the CallerID
information is listed incorrect in the debug as well.

2) Ask the telco what they are sending you. It really sounds
like something is messed up with the telco.


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