Re: [RadiusNT] documentation clarifications?

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 11 Jan 2000 10:51:55 -0800 wrote:
> Hi, Can anyone shed some light on the following items?
> 1. on page 21 of the radius nt 3.0 manual concerning the advance tab on the
> radius nt administror screen, there are options for user
> proxy/authentication/unknown and user proxy/accounting/echo.

The First is used to proxy unknown users to the "DEFAULT" domain. IE,
if they are not found locally, you can have it try another RADIUS
regardless of whether they used an @domain login or not.

Accounting echo echos back the attributes. You should never use it.

> i am keen on this item, because i am getting unusual behavior from the calls
> table--- It doesnt reflect any usage of the proxy-ied users. Calls online
> does not show the proxy-ed users , but Calls online works for the local
> users tho. I cannot enable the user proxy/accounting/echo. whenever I select
> it, it reverts back to the unselected state.

The Accounting records should be in the calls table. However, you
might not see them online. There is a RoamPorts update to make this

Although, I haven't tried it with 3.0 yet.

> 2. on page 55 of the same radiusnt 3.0 manual, there is reference to a
> registry setting for proxyid. this is supposed to hide the nas-identifier
> from the proxy server. I enabled this one, but in the radius -x15 screen, i
> still see the same nas-identifier. I made sure to stop and re-start the
> radius when i made the registry entry.

Are you using "proxyidentifier" for the registry name? I'll have to
double check the behavior on that.

> 3. on emerald side, whenever i enable the overlimit option in a user's mbr
> /billing record, all users with this option set will not be able to
> authenticate. It will always get the 'user is over credit limit'. I double
> checked and updated the balances. For example, i have a user1 with an
> updated balance of 450.00 , i set over limit to 10,000.00 and yet i still
> get authentication denied due to over limit!

What does RadGetUser return for that user?


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