RE: [RadiusNT] USR Total Control Reliability

Denny Figuerres ( (no email) )
Mon, 6 Dec 1999 18:34:45 -0800

Well I am not *directly* working on them but I was an IS person at an =
ISP with a LARGE number of them
and based on both my direct work with the guy's who did the hardware and =
my work on RadiusNT and Database side of things...

1) they are big boxes.
2) they draw more juice than some others.
3) the id numbers for Ports on a server is too complex.
4) HyPer Arc & HyPer Dsp have confused folks
when the HyPer ( high density cards ) first came out it was not clear =
if you mix some of the new modem cards with old controll cards the =
overall performance
of the box was *BAD* ( High Ping / low thruput) but if you spent the =
money and went all the way it was good.

also the older firmware had a nasty bug that could make the box do a =
reset ... had to do with the way logging
was handled... it would log to ram and not notice that the log was =
filling up the ram.

as far as I know they are Ok if you have the room and watchout for the =
above items.

but you can put about 2.5 Ascend TC boxes in the same rack space.

but if you start stacking up Ascends watchout for heat buildup!!!
I've seen folks try to cram them in too tight and cause a box at the top =
"Go Critical" and try to start a fire!!!
mind you that was like 8 in a rack with no screws so they were literaly=20
on top of each other....


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Subject: [RadiusNT] USR Total Control Reliability

I have a question not directly related to RadiusNT, but one that I would
like to get a better feel for. I have noticed from this maillist that a
great many problems have to do with configuring USR Total Control units. =
have also noticed a great many of these units for sale on news groups at
very good prices. Which behooves me to ask "What's wrong with them?" Are
there hardware issues with these units, or are they simply difficult to
configure? Or is it that they suffer from support problems like many =
3COM products?

We are not currently in the the market for NAS equipment but we may be =
the near future, and it would be nice to get some feedback.

J.A. Coutts
Systems Engineer

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