[RadiusNT] USR Total Control Reliability

Edsonet ( administrator@yellowhead.com )
Mon, 06 Dec 1999 18:11:30 -0700

I have a question not directly related to RadiusNT, but one that I would
like to get a better feel for. I have noticed from this maillist that a
great many problems have to do with configuring USR Total Control units. I
have also noticed a great many of these units for sale on news groups at
very good prices. Which behooves me to ask "What's wrong with them?" Are
there hardware issues with these units, or are they simply difficult to
configure? Or is it that they suffer from support problems like many other
3COM products?

We are not currently in the the market for NAS equipment but we may be in
the near future, and it would be nice to get some feedback.

J.A. Coutts
Systems Engineer

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