RE: [RadiusNT] Ports on TNTs
Mon, 22 Nov 1999 16:34:16 -0500

Depending on the version of the manual you have for your TNT....

If you look up in the RADIUS Guide book, and mine is under Ports,
limiting users to a specific port, 5-30.

The numbering scheme goes as follows.

shelf = 00 (shelf 1)
slot = 0001 (slot 2)
line = 00001 (line 2)
channel = 00001 (channel 2)

So for example if you had a PRI in (counting from 0 NOT 1, makes the
darn math much easier for the binary) your 0'th shelf (first TNT)
and the 1'st slot of the TNT. You wanted to pick out the number
4 PRI (remember I'm counting from zero here so you would have 4 empty
plugs and then a PRI plugged in.) and you wanted to range of channels
from 0 to 11111, this would be the sort of number you could expect.

Start: 00 0001 00100 00000 = (convert to dec) 1152
Stop : 00 0001 00100 11111 = (Maximum is 32 for the european) 1183

Alternatively you can only go up to 23 if you are in the US, and of course
you can figure out the beginning of each slot and just keep adding 32
until you get to the line you are interested in.

And, yes, it was a near impossible thing for me to find in the manual.

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