Re: [RadiusNT] SNMP concurrency checking

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 21 Nov 1999 20:38:04 -0800

"" wrote:
> Here is what I found out after some time working with snmpwalk.exe and
> comparing with our ServerPorts table.
> PM2/PM3 - S0 = OID port 2 , S47 = OID port 49 . I don't know why but that
> is what snmpwalk showed me and it tests out fine. Easy fix, once I got snmp
> working in Radius.

Actually, these are different, between the PM2 and PM3. The FAQ notes
the PM3 as you have stated above, except that what you are calling S0
above is actually the first channel of the first WAN port, not the
S0 25 pin serial port on the back of the box.

> USR TC Interface slot 1 = OID 1-24, slot 2 = OID 257-280, etc.. We are
> currently using 5 slots on our TC and the pattern appears to be 256 ports
> per interface slot. Since we have 1 T1 per card we only use the first 24
> ports on each card. I have included attached logs of snmpwalk for a PM2 and
> our USR. Both units were in use at the time and the first user listed was
> on the first port.

Yeah. The TC has 256 ports per slot. If you have a 24 port or 4 port
this will make a difference of which is which.

> Hope this helps. Everything appears to be working great now. Had to add
> the error code 40 to our RadLogMsg table however .

Yeah. There are a couple of different ones as well.


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