Re: [RadiusNT] problem with ports

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 19 Nov 1999 11:15:27 -0800

Jim Whaley wrote:
> We got bought by a telco that has Ascend TNTs which talk to a machine
> running "Access Registrar" (AR) from Cisco. By combining the TNTs and AR
> together, our company has a product they call "Port Manager". It allows us
> to set aside a certain number of ports (we have 400) for ISP type customers.
> It uses the last 4 digits of a phone number (6705 in our case)..When it sees
> a call to 6705 it redirects the radius requests to my radiusnt server for
> auth/acct. It DOES auth/acct OK.
> The problem is that the Access registrar machine's IP is a
> The TNT's are and
> I have to point MY radiusNT at .15 ... The accounting records say .21!

Which is fine. You need an entry for both. The entry for the AR is
RadiusNT will actually use for the secret. The NAS-Identifier (the TNT)
will match up to the other one (you need an entry for both 21 and 22)
the ServerPorts/Callsonline stuff.

> I can't put the tnts in to servers/serverports directly because I would then
> be bypassing portmanager.

No you wouldn't. The request/response still goes to the AR. This is
fairly generic proxy, and should work fine.

> Has anyone else run up against this sort of situation before? Is there ANY
> way I can work around it? I'm kinda bummed that I can't do concurrency.

You should be able to just fine.


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