Re: [RadiusNT] SNMP concurrency checking

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 17 Nov 1999 15:04:22 -0800

"" wrote:
> The directories are fine, Radius can load the users file when I turn text
> mode on, the log shows Radius using the correct directory (do you need the
> ending slash by the way? It doesn't appear so). We are still seeing 'Mib
> Not Initialized'. I reinstalled Radius to see if there was some file
> missing, but no luck. Every copy of mib.txt I see are identical, so it
> shouldn't matter which one I use ( I've tried several). The snmpwalk works
> with both our PM3's and our USR's but something isn't quite right. Any more
> ideas?

Do you have both SNMP Stats and SNMP Concurrency controlled enabled? If
stats is not enabled, the mib is not loaded.

> By the way, the Radius FAQ for SNMP says the USR starts at 1513 not 1256
> as you stated in this list. The snmpwalk program confirmed that 1256 is
> correct, but you may want to update your FAQ. You are right on the money
> when you say the USR is FUBAR (at least from a PM3 users point of view).

I'm confused. :( The FAQ says:

Starts at 1513 for the first port and increment in same formula
as the ports are reported to RadiusNT.

I added this yesterday:

(In the above SQL Statement, make the set statement Port+1256)

The usr DOES start at 1513, which is 1256 + 256, 256 being the first
Atleast the last five I have done worked that way. Does yours work


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