[Emerald] Serious problems with DBLibrary Errors

Franco Nogarin ( (no email) )
Tue, 16 May 2000 17:03:48 -0600

Hi, last week one of my emerald terminals, stopped working with my DB.
Nothing had changed as far as we know in termst of server or terminal
configs, the only diffrence is that the terminal is now located behind a MS
proxy server version 2.

My two win98 workstations now cannot connect, when connecting to the
emerald, the login prompt allows the choosing of a database from the
advanced tab but upon clicking the login button, the emerald program freezes
up during the loading config phase. The error that is eventually returned is
DBLibrary Error 10038 Attempt to initiate a new SQL server operation with
results pending.

it then continues on with a string of other errors including DBLibrary Error
10037 and DBLibrary Error 10005, DBLibrary Error 10018, and lastly DBLibrary
Error 10011 before starting all over again.

This happens with 3 difrent version of emerlad that were installed on the
win98 machines. my workstation, on win2k professional has no problesm with
same database or any version of emerald.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 difrent versions of emerald including
322 and 331 and it has not helped, I have reinstalled SQL6.5 and SQL 7
cliennts and this has not helped. I have creaded DB library Entries in the
Client Config section of both 7 and 6.5 client configs.

Nothing works, these two machines are stumped, If I allow the errors to
continue, eventually emerald will load and every function must make a few
errors then succeed. The errors are recorded in sql server as Buffer error
on client.

Thanks for any advice....
Franco Nogarin
IT Manager
Cascade Publishing Ltd.
(The Aurora Network)
867-872-3000 Ext 114

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