Re: [Emerald] Problems with Credit Card and No Send Method

Brad Facer ( (no email) )
Mon, 15 May 2000 13:07:27 -0500

Try setting the Send method to Email and using a fictional mail address in
the subaccount (maybe create a address so you can
verify and use it to CYA if need be) That way it'd still be sending an
invoice SOMEwhere and it'll include the invoices in the batches

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Subject: [Emerald] Problems with Credit Card and No Send Method

> Hi,
> We are having a problem, which seems to be a problem with the design of
> Emerald.
> Here's the situation,
> We have people that pay $2.00 invoing fees to recieve paper (Postal Mail)
> invoices.
> No problem we add a special service to these accounts and set the send
> method to Postal.
> We have customers that don't want to pay the extra $2.00 and don't want a
> paper invoice.
> No Problem we set send method to None.
> We have Bank Transfer customers that we send Email invoices to by default
> (unless they ask us not to)
> No Problem we set the send method to Email - Plain Text
> We then have Credit Card customers that don't recieve an invoice from us
> (unless they ask for one)
> Problem...if we set the customer to None...they don't get an invoice and
> we go to batch out that invoice,
> it says no invoices to process. Upon further investigation, it seems that
> batch out won't work if an invoice already has a sent date.
> So if we manually clear out the sent date then everything goes ahead fine.
> The big issue here is Auto-Batch, we haven't tried it yet so this may not
> happen when you run it,
> but we suspect that after running Auto-Batch it will mark all of our
> Card customers with send method = None as sent.
> And then batch out won't find these invoices, and won't bill these
> cusotmers.
> We need to find a work around, and I don't see one.
> The reason we don't just switch them to Postal or Email is because we
> want to flood these customers with an invoice, when they've never recieved
> one from us before.
> So what should we do.
> Thanks
> Will ,,,=^. .^=,,,
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