[Emerald] Problems with Credit Card and No Send Method

Will LaSala ( will@greennet.net )
Mon, 15 May 2000 12:52:46 -0400

We are having a problem, which seems to be a problem with the design of
Here's the situation,
We have people that pay $2.00 invoing fees to recieve paper (Postal Mail)
No problem we add a special service to these accounts and set the send
method to Postal.
We have customers that don't want to pay the extra $2.00 and don't want a
paper invoice.
No Problem we set send method to None.
We have Bank Transfer customers that we send Email invoices to by default
(unless they ask us not to)
No Problem we set the send method to Email - Plain Text
We then have Credit Card customers that don't recieve an invoice from us
(unless they ask for one)
Problem...if we set the customer to None...they don't get an invoice and if
we go to batch out that invoice,
it says no invoices to process. Upon further investigation, it seems that
batch out won't work if an invoice already has a sent date.
So if we manually clear out the sent date then everything goes ahead fine.
The big issue here is Auto-Batch, we haven't tried it yet so this may not
happen when you run it,
but we suspect that after running Auto-Batch it will mark all of our Credit
Card customers with send method = None as sent.
And then batch out won't find these invoices, and won't bill these
We need to find a work around, and I don't see one.
The reason we don't just switch them to Postal or Email is because we don't
want to flood these customers with an invoice, when they've never recieved
one from us before.
So what should we do.
Will ,,,=^. .^=,,,
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