[Emerald] Does backup in SQL 6.5 prevent RadiusNT from authenticating a user ?

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Sun, 14 May 2000 12:55:03 +0800


I scheduled SQL Server 6.5 to back-up the Emerald database every 3:30 AM.

It so happened that a user tried to log-in at that time. His first 3
attempts were recorded in RadLogs as a Bad Password attempts. He claims he
successfully logged-in on his 4th attempt and stayed online for 6 hours.
However, no Start or Stop records appear in the Calls table. His login at 10
AM was recorded in the Calls table though.

Other people have successfully logged-in since 4 AM onwards.

I studied my Calls table and it shows that port #1 was in use all day since
before 4 AM. Everyone else logged in at port 2 and above. This somehow
corroborates my customer's claim.

I'm using a Cisco 2610 access server and it is configured to authenticate
against only 1 RADIUS server. I am using Emerald 2.5 w/ RadiusNT 2.5.

My question is,

1. Does SQL Server 6.5's backup processing prevent RadiusNT/Emerald users
from loggin-in ?
2. If not, then how do I explain the mysterious login session that my caller
claims, but is not recorded in the Calls table ? Could it be my Cisco 2610
access server allowing some users to get through without proper RADIUS
accounting ?

- Danny Sinang

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