[Emerald] Graphing in Emerald

Randy Martin ( IEAEmerald@austintx.net )
Thu, 11 May 2000 10:57:06 -0500

I used the graph function in Emerald for the first time this morning. I
noticed some things that I have questions about.

- The graph only included the first two PRIs-worth of ports for whatever
NAS I chose to graph even though we have several NAS's with three PRIs on
them. Is this normal behavior? Is there anyway to get Emerald to graph all
the ports on a NAS?

- The calling summary report has no way to set a date range. If I want to
see the calling summary for last month, do I need to modify the report in
Crystal Reports? Seems like this should be a "standard" feature of all the
reports, don't you think?


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