[Emerald] Emerald questions

Scottie Arnett ( (no email) )
Wed, 10 May 2000 12:55:39 -0500

I have 3 or 4 questions concerning Emerald 2.5.331.

1. I cannot get any reports or invoices to print. I have not been able to
since I installed the software 2 months ago. So, this is a first time
problem, that has not been caused by an upgrade or anything. I get the
error: StartprintJob in PrintCustom caused an error: Cannot open SQL.

I tried opening the SQL Executive and gave the user Full rights to
everything in the database. I have them with full rights in the Emerald
Administrator. What am I doing wrong? Can you give me a step by step
instructions on how to resolve this issue?

2. In my time-on, the reason for terminating is not showing. I have a new
MAX ascend 6048. v7...IOS

3. How do I delete invoices?

4. Connect info in the On-Line screen is not showing anything?

I am using SQL 6.5 (sp5a) and NT4 (sp6a).

Scottie D. Arnett
Info-Ed, Inc.

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