Re: [Emerald] Post.Office integration

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 01 May 2000 09:24:00 -0700

Bob's Lists wrote:
> > Last I heard, the utilities could not be ran on a remote machine, has
> > that changed? I'd like to see Post.Office offer a more robust API,
> > rather than a set of utilities you have to hack scripts and such
> > together for. Almost every other mail server on the market supports
> > either an External API or LDAP, for external user management.
> No you are correct, they must still be run from the local PO machine.
> Just out of curiosity, has anyone from IEA approached
> with a view to better integrating the two packages? Speaking to the
> users is all very well, but surely better results would be obtained
> by a collaboration between the two authors? I just can't believe
> no-one can come up with a solution for such a trivial function as
> adding, disabling and deleting users automatically...

In my experience with software companies, its much more effective
for the current customer base to request features (especially third
part software integration) than for us to. They typically will not
devote the time, unless there is a drive or proof that its worthwhile
on thier part from their current or potential customer base.

As a side note, Post.Office was the original external system for
Emerald, way before the rest (except standard). We've spent countless
hours working with them to resolve bugs in their forms and other
pieces, which have been changed (undocumented) each version. We HAVE
tried to work with them to get a better interface, etc. We are open
to integration solutions, as we have proven with the long list of
directly integreated software, that is continually expanding.


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