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Mon, 01 May 2000 09:23:02 -0400

For lack of an IEA solution, we take out daily payments sales and divide=
them in taxable and non-taxable according to which they are.
This lets us pull up a sales tax report in about 2 minutes and we can have=
everything filed in about 5 minutes.
It also accomplishes the task of calculating a P/L statement since Emerald=
doesn't do accounting(other than time) and we do like every other business=
have expenses that need to be kept track of.

Doing it this way was a little bit extra work at first, but it is only=
about 5 extra minutes per day now that we have a system.

Waiting for an Emerald report or an SQL query is just procrastinating in my=
opinion. We did that for months and then finallly I decided we can't keep=
waiting for someone else to help.

There are some good reports out there, and a great guy named Josh has most=
of them, buy I don't think he has a sales tax collected report.

my $.02


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On 4/30/2000 at 12:53 AM Randy Martin wrote:

>There obviously needs to be a way to do this. You only pay sales tax on=
>actual fees you collect (not what you bill). When you make a payment,
>doesn't it apply toward a specific invoice? Is the sales tax a separate
>line item on the invoice, or just a calculated amount that gets added to
>the invoice total?
>At 09:46 PM 4/29/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>>There has been many post on this and work by several, however according=
>>Dale there is really no way to get a true "taxes collected" report.=
>>received is a peace of cake, but when it comes to taxes there is no=
>>denominator (field, key or other link) between the invoice items table,
>>which is where the tax is at, and the actually payment.
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>> > Hi,
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>> > just a quick request - would anybody be able to help out with a
>> > monthly income (payments) report that provides total fees received
>> > and total tax received (as separate figures) for the previous month?
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>> > thanks for your help,
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>> > Marcus
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