Re: [Emerald] Work on SNMP Concurrency Checking

NCKCN ( (no email) )
Wed, 19 Apr 2000 08:48:56 -0500

I'm going to run without SNMP Con. Check. today with loging all calls with
the debug set to 31. There will no doubt be quite a few calls that get
"hung". I don't want to be without login limits! My old radius software
never had any hitch with this. I will try to get to the bottom of this...


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Subject: RE: [Emerald] Work on SNMP Concurrency Checking

> I too see this - it has been suggested that the problem was that radius
> not recieve the stop packet. I personally feel that it is more of a
> in that the stop packet is either not being generated or is fundamentally
> different in some way so that a radiusnt or sql error occurs and the calls
> table doesn't get updated. I haven't had the time to really debug this
> of the process, but it has rendendered login limits useless for three
> SNMP may have been the solution for us in the past, but we are currently
> moving to the SWBell VPOP on a Nortel CVX-1800 and to my knowledge, they
> will not allow snmp traffic from a customer. They have a cool web page,
> it may be possible to write something that will parse the web page and
> update the tables.... but again - I really don't have time to mess with
> this.
> Duane.
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> Randy,
> No. Probably 100 time a day users get "hung" on by the system and it still
> thinks they are connected even though they have disconnected. The user
> doesn't connect then on even though they are not accually connected. That
> what the SNMP Concurrency Check is supposed to correct.
> I don't think it is the NAS as much as crappy modems. I have different
> and they all seem to do it. I connect to any of my NASs without fail 100%
> the time, and disconnect 100% of the time. I have physically unplugged the
> phone line, shut off the modem, and done just about any abusive thing I
> think of to get a connection to "hang" but I have never been able to
> reproduce this error, yet I see a huge number of these "hangups" per day.
> They are really a pain in the butt.
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> Subject: Re: [Emerald] Work on SNMP Concurrency Checking
> >
> > I don't mean to jump into the middle of this, but isn't the above the
> > NON-SNMP concurrency doing it's job correctly? It did the radcheckonline
> > and found the user already online. It doesn't seem to me that you should
> > need both? I don't have the SNMP concurrency setup, and everything works
> > just fine on our system. Is there only certain combinations of NAS's
> > that have a problem with the non-SNMP concurrency checking?
> >
> >
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