[Emerald] Work on SNMP Concurrency Checking

TIA ( (no email) )
Sat, 15 Apr 2000 14:43:53 -0500

I have tried to delved into the SNMP Concurrecy Checking option to try to
get it to work as we are seeing an increasing number of inadvertently denied
access. I use 3Com Total Control Hubs with HiPer DSP and QUAD modems, as
well as Cisco 2511's. I have found that Emerald will not populate the
ServerPorts table with any SNMP OID at all for the 3Com Total Control Hubs,
and that Emerald inputs the incorrect SNMP OID for the Cisco routers. I am
still in the testing phase as I don't know if the SNMP check works for
either, but I have populated the ServerPorts table with the correct SNMP OID
in the SNMPUser field for each. I just wanted to share the SQL statements to
do this on all ports:

For Cisco Access routers:

UPDATE ServerPorts
Set SNMPUser="." + convert(varchar(5), Port)
Where ServerID='x'

For 3Com/USR Total Control Hubs:

UPDATE ServerPorts
Set SNMPUser="." + convert(varchar(5),
Where ServerID='x'

You can get the ServerID from the Servers table.

Hope this helps any one. If the SNMP Concurrency Check doesn't work, it's
not because of incorrect OIDs in the SNMPUser field as I have confirmed them
with the SNMPGet utility.

I am wondering that if SNMP Concurrency works an it checks the Port
correctly where the user is supposed to be connected and doesn't find the
match, does it then clear that user from the Calls table or simply add it?

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