Re: Fw: [Emerald] Work on SNMP Concurrency Checking

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 18 Apr 2000 12:34:23 -0700

NCKCN wrote:
> Okay, pretty much confirmed that SNMP will work only running in debug mode.
> Is this possible? When I run as a service, I get users "hung" and denied
> service even with SNMP all set up correctly. I stop the service, run as
> radius -x31 and SNMP Concurrency works perfectly. Any ideas?

Go into the RadiusNT admin, and define your auth and accounting
Then use regedit to modify the debug registry setting and change it to
31 and restart the service.

You can then use a tool like tail
to watch the logfile and see whats going on, just like foreground debug
would show. This is a very handy setup for watching RadiusNT from a
remote computer, but be careful with the file size. I like 18 for
debug as its smaller output.


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