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> Hello,
> Do any of you guys have any suggestions for this, below is the discussion I
> have been having with Emerald support: In regards to his reply, I have tried
> all of it. It did not help.
> Emerald Reply:
> Try the following:
> 1. Open Emerald Admin
> 2. Click on the Client button
> 3. Click on the FTP tab
> a). Make sure you have a directory specified in the "Default Dir" field
> b). Make sure the "Size Limit" field is set correctly
> 4. Click on the External tab
> a). Make sure "Auto Sync ES Accounts" is checked (this should allow
> your Emerald users to login to Serv-U)
> 5. Map a drive on each of your Emerald machines (client and server) to the
> server that you will be creating the users' directories on. This will give
> a direct connection from the Emerald machine to the server.
> Let me know if this helps!
> Eric Shears
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> My request:
> Hello,
> I have the EmerAuth.dll setup correctly, it will not add the users
> subdirectories to my server when I add a new customer. I have all the admin
> stuff set correctly in Emerald (I think). Also, it does not let a user log
> into the Serv-U. It says no known user. All checks out in Emerald EA with
> serv-U. Any ideas?
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I have it working rather well. You need to go to EAdmin>General Config> Billing
Groups>{your billing group}
and add \\<server>\<ftp top directory> to the FTP space on that page.
This will allow it to create a folder for each user under the specified
Installing Emerauth.dll on the FTP server will make it authenticate off the DB
If you have a previously created user, you want to create the ftp directory for,

AFTER you make this change to the billing group, Open up the Users service and
delete the last character in the user ID and re-enter it. This should make the
path pop
up on the Services Screen. Save and u r done.


Thanks,Brian DooleyClassic Service

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