[Emerald] RUFUNDS

PowerNet ( (no email) )
Wed, 12 Apr 2000 11:38:51 -0400

Our annual contract sometimes requires a partial refund to the customer in=
a different month than the original payment was posted. This means=
voiding or altering the original payment is not an option for accounting=

How I have handled this in prior versions of Emerald does not work with=
2.5.329. I would do a "New Invoice" for the negative amount (refund=
amount), then pay the invoice. This would accomplish everything=
necessary: 1) Invoice customer's account for the refund amount without=
forwarding the next term. 2) Create the adjustment to income in the=
current month and gross sales on the deposit ticket.

In 2.5.329, I cannot pay the negative amount of the invoice.

Does anyone have a better way to process a refund in Emerald? I felt like=
I finally perfected a way and now I'm back at ground zero with it.


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