Re: [Emerald] Emailing from Emerald

Randy Martin ( )
Wed, 05 Apr 2000 00:01:36 -0600

At 01:39 PM 4/3/2000 -0700, you wrote:
Randy Martin wrote:
> I've setup the email notification addresses in Emerald Admin. I wasreally
> disappointed that there was only ONE email address for all Adminmessages.
> This seems like quite a design oversight. I really need to be ableto email
> different types of incidents to different email addresses. Forexample,
> there is absolutely no need for the billing department to benotified
> everytime someone has a modem problem, and there's no need for techsupport
> to be notified everytime someone complains about a billingproblem.
> Is there any way to have different types of incidents emailed todifferent
> email addresses? Also, exactly which things generated by inEmerald
> actually result in an email being sent to the admin address? Theredoesn't
> seem to be any documentation on this in the manual.

You should open up an RFE with support on the above.

> Can an admin email be sent every time a new account is created?Until I get
> NTMail integrated with Emerald, I need to notify support to setupthe email
> accounts.

If you configure an External System of Post.Office for thoseservices,
it will mail the Post.Office form to the Email you specify when an
account is created.  It should accomplish what you want.

I configured an external system to use 1.0/2.0 sync. Since Idon't use as my mail server, and all I want it to do is emailnotification, I didn't setup the postmaster name or password, or the formID -- just the mail server name and the email account (I'm assumingthat's what goes in the "accounts" field). I then setup a testservice that uses this external system for notification.

I created a test user and added this test service. I received no emailconfirmation. What am I missing?? What happens to the email if it bouncesfor some reason? Is there any error tracking I can look at to see what'sgoing on?