Re: [Emerald] Columns on the "Time On" tab

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Mon, 3 Apr 2000 00:11:40 -0400

From: Randy Martin <>
> Is there any way to change the info that's stored in the calls.ConnectInfo
> and the calls.AcctTerminateCause columns in the database, like maybe
> a trigger or something so that these columns hold some information that is
> meaningful to Ascend users?

I don't know of a way to make ConnectInfo useful for Ascend users, but you
can alter the RadAttributes table and Calls table so that
"AscendDisconnectCause" acts as AcctTerminateCause. Keep in mind though,
Emerald will try to convert the integer to the verbal cause and it uses the
causes associated with AcctTerminateCause, which is not the same as

We don't bother using the Time-On feature of Emerald because it doesn't show
enough useful information for Ascend users. I wrote my own SQL script that
displays all sorts of handy info and we use it quite frequently. Here it is
(just enter in a username between the quotes in the second line, then
execute it in ISQL ("Query Analyzer" in SQL 7). I have another script
that's identical to this, except it also includes the verbal disconnect
causes that I have stored in another table I created in the database that
includes all known AscendDisconnectCauses (I have 74 different ones):

DECLARE @Username varchar(32)
SELECT @Username = ''

PRINT ' "Down/Upload" = initial connection speeds'
PRINT ' "Duration" = hours : minutes : seconds'
SELECT 'End of session' = convert(varchar(20), CallDate),
'Down/Upload' = convert(varchar(5), AscendXmitRate) + ' / ' +
convert(varchar(5), AscendDataRate),
'Duration' = /* hours */
+ ':' +
/* minutes */
- 60 * (AcctSessionTime/3600))
+ ':' +
/* seconds */
- 3600 * (AcctSessionTime/3600)
- 60 * ((AcctSessionTime/60) - 60 *
'NAS' = convert(varchar(5), s.Server),
CallerID = convert(varchar(10), isnull(CallerID, '')),
Disc = convert(char(3), AscendDisconnectCause)
FROM Calls c, Servers s
WHERE c.NASIdentifier = s.IPAddress
AND AcctStatusType = 2
AND Username = @Username
/* AND CallDate >= '3/1/2000' */
Order By CallDate Desc

> At 10:27 PM 4/2/2000 -0400, you wrote:
> >From: Randy Martin <>
> > > On the "Time On" tab on Services, what's supposed to be in the
> > > and the "Connect" columns. There is never anything in these columns on
> > > system.
> >
> >The Terminate one displays the verbal disconnect cause that's associated
> >with the integer values stored in Calls.AcctTerminateCause. If you're
> >Ascend Maxes, you won't see anything in there because Ascend uses
> >AscendDisconnectCause and the integer values are completely different
> >the AcctTerminateCause values that come from many other NASes.
> >See for the details on this one.
> >
> >Connect refers to Calls.ConnectInfo. Some NASes use this; some don't--it
> >would contain connection speeds and maybe other stuff. Ascend doesn't
> >this one either. It has its own attributes:
> > AscendDataRate (user upload speed)
> > AscendXmitRate (user download speed)
> > Ascend-Modem-PortNo
> > Ascend-Modem-SlotNo
> >
> >Josh

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