Re: [Emerald] Is there a way to add another field to the Calls Online view ?

The Webtel Webmaster ( (no email) )
Mon, 27 Mar 2000 12:30:32 +1000

Hi Dale,

Ok just to clarify on this.. Do you mean the Calls View, or the Calls table?
And i'm assuming your talking about the column NasportDNIS ?

So the way i'm possibly reading this, is I should add a column called
NasportDNIS to the Calls view.. restart radius, and it will begin populating
it ? (although i wouldn't think it would be that simple because triggers etc
will need to be updated?)


> >
> > Dale,
> > Do you have a play by play for this?
> > (like what needs to be in the trigger and what changes need to be in the
> > callsonline view,
> > I think I'm just getting lazy...;-))
> > I'd love to see what numbers my users are calling into.
> If thats all you are after, then just add a new column to the
> Calls table with the same name as the Attribute, minus any dashes,
> and restart RadiusNT. Make sure you get the type/size right though.
> Once you restart RadiusNT, it will start populating that column,
> as long as it gets the attribute from the NAS.
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