RE: [Emerald] email invoice quirk

Brady Wilson ( )
Thu, 23 Mar 2000 15:35:28 -0800

If I view the invoice it views OK - uses the invoce report.

When I email it, the line items come out incorrect - as though it randomly
pulls line items out of the DB. I've also had it use the wrong invoice -
uses the print invoice not the email invoice specified.

I think it is using the sam email invoice report from the olde version - is
there a newer email invoice report.

Why would the Emerald exe (all versions I have tried) use the wrong invoice
to do the email invoice report?

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Brady Wilson wrote:
> I am attempting to send my invoices via email.
> Using 2.5.278, viewing an invoice number, then clicking 'Mail' -
> of the 'Email' setting in the Admin, it uses the print invoice to build
> emaiul invoice. Why would it not use the Email field? How can I force
> this?

Probably an issue with 278. It didn't have group printing correctly.

> Using a newer version - like 2.5.329 the email function uses the correct
> .rpt file, however, all of the line items are incorrect - the user info
> amount is correct, but it pulls other users' services info. (the invoicei
> part)

Could it be a bad report? If you view the invoice from within
Emerald is it ok?


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