Re: [Emerald] No Reports

PowerNet ( (no email) )
Wed, 22 Mar 2000 09:26:00 -0500

When you installed Emerald you may have clicked no for reports which would=
cause this machine to look to the global directory, and if there is none=
then they won't work.

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On 3/22/00, at 5:58 AM, Gary Walworth wrote:

>Here's a strange problem. We have brought on a new employee, and setup her
>system with Emerald. I have correctly added her username/password to SQL=
>Emerald. When she starts 2.5.329, she logs in fine and can use every=
>Emerald offers except one: Reports.
>I can take her to my machine, login with her UN/PW and the reports show. I
>can go to her machine with my UN/PW and the reports do not show.
>I have narrowed it to her specific computer, but I do not know where to
>start looking. Any suggestions?
>Gary Walworth
>Kitty Hawk, NC
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