Re: [Emerald] Invoice Problems

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 17 Mar 2000 19:28:11 -0800

"Howard A. Brooks" wrote:
> Dale I did call support this PM regarding this puzzle, but you
> did it again. But first I had to realize that the default is
> eMail so once I loaded einvoice8.rpt all printed. BUT, no email
> is sent, and back to my original problem which is the Postal Mail
> selection prints OK (now with CR8 modifications) :-), but when
> eMail is selected an error "53: File Not Found: Emerald".

Emerald always defaults to invoice.rpt, unless otherwise specified.

For HTML or Email, it will pre-pend h (html only) and e (html if
h isn't found, and email) and look for that name. Otherwise, it
defaults to the define name, and finally invoice.rpt.

Now, there are a couple of different places it will look, and a
couple of different names it can use. If a file is specified in
the preferences, Emerald will use it before trying the global

It will try the working directory first (unless
force global only is checked), then the global directory.

> Where do I find an hinvoice.rpt file, Dale? I looked all over
> the site.

All of my tests have shown that the invoice.rpt works fine for
HTML. Just use it as a basis if you want an HTML specific one.


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