Re: [Emerald] Online Tab

David Routh ( )
Mon, 13 Mar 2000 21:08:27 -0600

At 11:12 AM 03/14/2000 +1030, you wrote:
>I have two Ascend Max TNT's and they do not show any users online under the
>Online Tab in Emerald. One of them has just been installed and the other TNT
>has had an IP change. The first TNT used to show users online but after the
>IP change it will not anymore. Auth is working fine though.
>When I put the first TNT online some months ago it also didn't show users
>but after a week or so it started to show them. Could anyone tell me why
>this is and what I have to do to make them show who is online in Emerald

I'm no expert but, you might check under the RadiusNT button and click on
the Servers tab and make sure the TNT's are listed there... if you changed
one's IP and the other is new then there's a chance they are not there...

There's a script on the FTP ) site for updating the
server ports... that should make the users show up... I think the script is
called: updtports.sql... use that after the servers are listed.

Hope that helps...


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