[Emerald] Error 208 Invalid Object Name

Brian ( support@cserv.net )
Tue, 07 Mar 2000 09:50:18 -0500


Newbie to Emerald & SQL
I have setup SQL 7.0 SP1 Emerald 2.5.329

When I create the Emerald Database I get 2 errors:

Error 208 Invalid Object Name: Imail Users
State= 11 Severity= 16

Error 208 Invalid Object Name: Imail SetUser
State= 11 Severity= 16

Database then comes up but I cannot access/add Operators

Wherein lies the problem?

The installation docs I have from IEA appear to be for SQL 6.5. Is the
an updated install manual for using SQL 7.0? Are there different steps
involved for setting up SQL 7.0 client side?


Thanks,Brian DooleyClassic Servicehttp://www.cserv.net

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