Re: [Emerald] Recurring time limits not working

NCKCN ( (no email) )
Thu, 2 Mar 2000 12:54:31 -0600


Yes, I have verified that the Allow Overtime Check Box for the rate was NOT
checked and again that none of the TimeLeft fields are null.


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> NCKCN wrote:
> >
> > I had set up the job described on the "How to setup Emerald to allow
> > hours per month for a user" page at
> > The
> > was created and ran as scheduled, so SQL Agent is running fine. Time
> > is enabled in RadiusNT. But no "TimeLeft" fields were updated or reset.
> > Job Scheduling Log says that it ran successfully the first of the month,
> > I also ran the job again manually several times but it still did not
> > any of the "TimeLeft" fields in any account. I have no nulls in any of
> > "TimeLeft" fields. I also set all the "StandardHours" in the Rates table
> > not have any nulls even in the unmetered (unlimited) accounts. I really
> > don't want to have to go in every month and reset 3,000 "TimeLeft"
> > Below is the script that created the Proc and should have reset the time
> > limits from the site mentioned above. Any help would be greatly
> Did you verify that the Allow OverTime Check Box for the rate was NOT
> checked? The proc below only sets those users with a rate that does not
> allow over time (the overrefuse line). I believe there is a specific
> note about this as well.
> > Create Proc Update_TimeLeft AS
> > Update sa
> > Set sa.TimeLeft = (rt.StandardHours * rt.StandardInterval) / 60
> > From SubAccounts sa, AccountTypes at1, Rates rt
> > Where sa.AccountType = at1.AccountType
> > and at1.RateID = rt.RateID
> > and rt.OverRefuse = 1
> > and sa.Timeleft is NOT NULL
> Take one user and look at the criteria. There is not a lot of them.
> The two basic ones are the ALlow Overtime must not be checked and their
> timeleft field can not be NULL.
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