Re: [Emerald] Recurring time limits not working

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 02 Mar 2000 09:32:09 -0800

NCKCN wrote:
> I had set up the job described on the "How to setup Emerald to allow limited
> hours per month for a user" page at
> The procedure
> was created and ran as scheduled, so SQL Agent is running fine. Time banking
> is enabled in RadiusNT. But no "TimeLeft" fields were updated or reset. The
> Job Scheduling Log says that it ran successfully the first of the month, and
> I also ran the job again manually several times but it still did not reset
> any of the "TimeLeft" fields in any account. I have no nulls in any of the
> "TimeLeft" fields. I also set all the "StandardHours" in the Rates table to
> not have any nulls even in the unmetered (unlimited) accounts. I really
> don't want to have to go in every month and reset 3,000 "TimeLeft" fields.
> Below is the script that created the Proc and should have reset the time
> limits from the site mentioned above. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you verify that the Allow OverTime Check Box for the rate was NOT
checked? The proc below only sets those users with a rate that does not
allow over time (the overrefuse line). I believe there is a specific
note about this as well.

> Create Proc Update_TimeLeft AS
> Update sa
> Set sa.TimeLeft = (rt.StandardHours * rt.StandardInterval) / 60
> From SubAccounts sa, AccountTypes at1, Rates rt
> Where sa.AccountType = at1.AccountType
> and at1.RateID = rt.RateID
> and rt.OverRefuse = 1
> and sa.Timeleft is NOT NULL

Take one user and look at the criteria. There is not a lot of them.
The two basic ones are the ALlow Overtime must not be checked and their
timeleft field can not be NULL.


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