[Emerald] Emerald and ADSL-Connections/suspensions/tracking

Andrew Stinson ( (no email) )
Tue, 29 Feb 2000 19:13:46 -0600

ADSL is being released in our area the 15th, and we're trying to figure out
how Emerald plays into it besides for e-mail and billing. Is there any
aspect of ADSL connection/suspension that emerald can handle? We have a
Cisco 7206 which handles the ATMs and T-1s. How is everyone else handling
ADSL? We know it doesn't authenticate, so how do you disconnect a user for
not paying (besides going into the router itself)? How about keeping track
of who has what VPI-VCI (or who's online currently, traffic being passed,
etc. We aren't billing by bandwidth, so tracking for that is only for
internal maintenance/planning)? We thought about creating a database to
handle the distribution of this information, but if Emerald has anything
that can help keep track of it, let us know. I think there's really nothing
Emerald can do with it(nothing we've seen, anyway) so, if that's the case,
has anyone found any resources (software, sites, etc.) that can help us out.

We'd appreciate any help anyone can offer.

Andrew Stinson
Andrew Stinson Apex 2000 Internet Services Corp.
astinson@apex2000.net www.Apex2000.net

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