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Ken Sorenson ( (no email) )
Wed, 16 Feb 2000 09:11:34 -0600

Thanks Dale. I do not use global reports. I have all reports in the Emerald
directory, so I have no path in the field in admin. Would it help to go


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Ken Sorenson wrote:
> I have since figured this out partially. The problem I described appears
> be caused by a bad file. My question now refers to previous statements by
> Dale regarding the 3 file names Emerald will use. Invoice.rpt,
> hinvoice.rpt. I have multiple invoice formats, so lets say I call one of
> formats invoice1.rpt. I am assuming it automatically will pick up the
> einvoice1.rpt, and an hinvoice1.rpt.. So far I cannot get it to recognize
> the alternate filenames. Invoices and email are produced via the
> invoice1.rpt.. Anyone??

The alternate filenames only work in either the global reports
dir, or the working dir, as long as no path is put ahead of the
file name. ie, invoice1.rpt will work, c:\temp\invoice1.rpt will
not find c:\temp\hinvoice1.rpt.


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