[Emerald] How do we bill customers for current month; but also bill for excess usage for previous m

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Mon, 14 Feb 2000 22:03:34 +0800


Our customers can choose from several connection plans :

1. Plan 5 (5 hours a month)
2. Plan 10 (10 hours a month)
3. Plan 20 (20 hours a month)
etc ...

They pay up for the first month before they get to use the account. Should
they exceed their allotted hours, they will get charged a premium rate of 1
peso per excess minute. Emerald seems to be capable of doing this, right ?

Now how about this :

It is now February and a customer asks to upgrade his Plan 5 to Plan 10. He
also asks that this upgrade take effect on March.

For February, he uses a total of 8 hours - that's 3 hours in excess of his
allotted 5 hours for Feb.

On March 1, we bill the customer in advance for his March usage. But we also
have to bill him for his 3 hours excess for Feb.

How do I pull this off in Emerald ?

How can I show in his invoice his previous month's allotted hours and the
corresponding excess minutes / charges ?

- Danny Sinang

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