Re: [Emerald] Error: 48 File not found?

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Fri, 11 Feb 2000 13:59:25 -0500

From: Annabel Mwansa <>
> I am testing electronic invoice in Emerald 2.5.320. When I try to email
> invoice, I get this error "Error: 48 File not found". Does anyone know why
> happens?

It's probably looking for einvoice.rpt whereever your other .rpt files are.
If you don't have it, I have one that works out pretty well that you can
have. You'd just have to edit it using Crystal Reports (mine is the 6.0 Pro
version) and change some contact information, since our company's info is in

The only problem that I'm running into is that email invoices seem to only
work when they're manually emailed; they're not working during a regular
invoice batch (auto). I'm using Emerald 2.5.322...


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