Re: [Emerald] auto-batching invoices in Emerald 2.5.322

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Fri, 11 Feb 2000 13:54:30 -0500

Here's an addendum to my previous message (contains the steps we take when
batch invoicing):

Auto-batch Create
Create regular invoices
Create CC invoices (etrans)
Do NOT create interim invoices
Process CC transactions with PC Authorize

"Print 16 invoices not yet sent?" (Yes)
Based on different billing groups...
15 invoices were printed with one invoice template
1 invoice was printed with another invoice template
"Mark all of those invoices sent?" (Yes)
"Error marking invoices sent. this can cause duplicate sends!" (Ok)

If I batch-print again:
"Print -1 invoices not yet sent?" (Yes)
After several minutes of sifting through over 35,000 records of some kind, a
blank invoice displays with no data (just the template).

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Subject: [Emerald] auto-batching invoices in Emerald 2.5.322

> 1.
> Is there a known problem with Emerald 2.5.322 with batch-emailing
> We've had several people complain about not getting invoices and the
> factor is that these people all have "Send Method" set to "EMail - Text".
> Manually emailing an invoice to these same people works just fine. The
> problem seems to be only when batching invoices (auto). Any ideas?
> 2.
> We're continually getting the following error message anytime we
> print invoices:
> Error marking invoices sent. This can cause duplicate sends!"
> Some people have complained about getting 2 of the same invoice...
> 3.
> Emerald should have this window pop up after manually printing individual
> invoices, just like it does when batch-printing invoices:
> "Mark all of those invoices sent?" (Yes)
> That way, when batch-printing invoices later, the same invoice doesn't get
> printed again.
> Josh
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