[Emerald] Calls Online

Tony Morgan ( (no email) )
Fri, 11 Feb 2000 00:09:30 -0600

I was wrong about Calls online showing double logins. It's sometimes showing
4 and five of the same user, different ports, different times, differents
IPs, but their only actually logged into the NAS once when I telnet in and
look, myself included after looking at my own username in the active calls
online. What's really strange is that I never (in over a year) have gotten
disconnected from our PM3s, but (and it may be coincedence) tonight I've
been discoed 2 or three times just seconds or even milliseconds after
logging in. Could these 2 things have something in common as I've had
several e-mails and a couple of phone calls from users at different pops we
serve with the same experience. Any help would be appreciated.

Tony Morgan
Cyberlink Internet Access

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