Re: [Emerald] Emerald 2.5 Invoices

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 9 Feb 2000 13:53:37 -0500

From: Jeff Hopkins (RadAdmin) <>
> I am having trouble getting a decent CCreceipt or Email invoice using
> Emerald 2.5 and CR6. The HTML invoice is a great ideal but the final
> format it still is very unpredictable. The text email format is terrible.
> I have spent more time tweaking the Crystal reports invoice and CC receipt
> reports, the two I currently use, then my entire time setting up and using
> Emerald. It is hard to come across as a professional business with
> unreadable invoices.
> There needs to be a way to let me have full control over the final look of
> the email. Could I extract the invoice info from the DB myself and email
> in a presentable format? Why would you use CR? Isn't there a simpler,
> user controllable way to do this? Perl or something?

I finally got our CCEmail.rpt and CCReject.rpt files (CR 6) displaying
correctly in email for the most part. At the moment, the only problem I'm
having is that they don't display ExternalTrans.Response for some reason.
They display ExternalTrans.ReqDate with no problem (I can't use ProcDate at
the moment because all of my ProcDates = 1/1/1900 for some reason). If I
can figure out how to get ExternalTrans.Response to display and also change
the date display to show the time as well as the date, I'd be happy--right
now, it only shows the date without the time of day.

Here's an example of what CCReject.rpt looks like (the CCEmail.rpt looks the
same except the first three lines of text say that the credit card was
processed). What you see below is how it actually appears in the person's
email (unless they're viewing it using proportional fonts). I'm going to
test one last thing with them today, then I'll put them up on my website if
anyone wants them (will mention where in a later email)--just be sure to
change the contact info in each report.

The following credit card could not be automatically processed by our
billing system. Please contact 850-942-7021 or as
soon as possible to prevent any service interruption.

Authorization Name: John Smith
Last Four Digits: 1234
Billing Address: 123 ABC Dr.
Date Processed: 2/8/2000
Amount: $19.95
Invoice Number: 25,627
Billing Period: 2/6/00 - 3/6/00

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Voice: 850-942-7021
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