[Emerald] RadLogs view

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Mon, 7 Feb 2000 21:22:21 -0500

Is there a way to change the RadLogs view so that a date is shown instead of
"-(number of minutes past MasterAccounts.maExpireDate)" when a user's
account is expired? (The beginning date of authentication denial, not the

I have a SQL script that does it perfectly, but I couldn't alter the RadLogs
view to do the same. My attempt to alter the view (slightly modified
version of what's below), produced no difference in the view within Emerald

Here's the script I wrote and use in ISQL:

SELECT rl.LogDate,
Description=convert(varchar(17), rm.Description),
WHEN rm.Description LIKE '%Expired%'
THEN convert(varchar(10), dateadd(minute, convert(int,
rl.Data), rl.LogDate), 101)
ELSE convert(varchar(20), rl.Data)
FROM RadLogs rl, RadLogMsgs rm
WHERE rl.RadLogMsgID = rm.RadLogMsgID
AND DateDiff(Day, rl.LogDate, GetDate()) < 1 /* past n days */

AND Username like '%%' /* Enter a username if you want */

ORDER BY rl.LogDate desc


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