[Emerald] Almost live - but a few oddities to iron out :-

Bob's Lists ( (no email) )
Mon, 7 Feb 2000 14:50:54 +0300

I have an Emerald 322 / Radius 210 installation which has been running in
test mode against a text file (no users in the Emerald database yet) for a
couple of weeks.

Radius is running in BOTH mode, most everything is at default (installation)

I have a few problems, I wonder if anyone could point me in the right
direction :-

1. In Emerald, RAD LOGS always show up blank - i.e. showing no caller info,
for ANY day. Everything else seems to work - TS Graph, Online...

2. In Emerald Admin, Database, Check Database always says "Could not find
table named 'Credits' - check sysobjects"

3. In Emerald Admin, Database, Update Calls always comes up with a small
dialog box - "53: File not found <OK>" - WHAT damn file???

4. In the Radius directory, I found a script RADIUSNT.SQL that says it can
only be run once. How can I find if it needs to be run, or whether it's
already been run?



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