Re: [Emerald] Consolidation

Jeff Woods ( )
Fri, 04 Feb 2000 11:19:21 -0500

If you don't need them other than for tech, or for rooting out line
campers, consolidate, and then kill.

You don't do the killing in Emerald. You'll do it in SQL manager.

Open SQLEM, or the Query tool. Ensure you have the Emerald DB
selected. Then follow these original instructions Dale posted long ago:


For Now, use this to delete start records. One thing you should note.
On large Databases, do not just simply delete all the start records, you'll
fill your log. I like to do it in half/month increments.

Delete From Calls
Where AcctStatusType = 1
AND CallDate < '11/1/96'

and uping the date by either a month or 15 days. Your mileage will vary
on this, though.


After you've killed off the start records, you can kill ALL old calls that
have been consolidated, by removing the "AcctStatusType" from the query,
leaving the qualifier just "Where CallDate...", and again moving from
earliest to most recent in chunks. It *is* useful to have a couple of
months of recent stop records, so users who call to complain that they were
getting disconnects, etc.... that data will be in the stop records, but not
in the consolidated "CallHistory" table. I keep four months of stop
records, just because I can (I have enough RAM to cache it all).

You can modify the query that deletes to be a range like so:

WHERE CALLDATE <= '10/1/99' and CALLDATE >= '10/31/99'

At 09:45 AM 2/4/00 -0600, you wrote:
>When I go into Emerald Admin under DB Maintenance then to Manual
>Maintenance and choose Type - Call Records and pick 1 Month for Age, it
>gives me month 12 and month 1... month 1 has several thousand calls but if
>I do the same process, but pick ALL for Age, I get month 12, 1, and 2...
>Only this time month 1 has about 5 or 6 times the amount of calls...
>How do I pick just one month (month 12) to Trim calls from?
>Actually, we don't have any time limited accounts so the call records are
>mainly used for tech support, our info, etc... Should I be removing these
>all together, and say only keeping the past months records...
>Thanks, David
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