Re: [Emerald] VOPMail 'n Emarald

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 02 Feb 2000 15:47:38 -0800

Malcolm Joosse wrote:
> Dale,
> I am having 2 problems with VOP and Emerald.
> 1) Listed in you FAQ you say to go into EmerAuth under Emerald Admin, I do
> not have a tab called EmerAuth !!, What tab is it under and can you give me
> a step by step in setting it up ? please

> > 1) In the Emerald Admin, make sure you create an External System.
> > Just use the EmerAuth type (or NTMail Auth DLL on the Older Admins).
> > When you save the ES, note the ESID (number in parenthesis) after it.

Maybe you mis-read that? It doesn't say go into EmerAuth, it says
created an External System (under the General tab) with a type of
EmerAuth. You can also choose a type of Mailsite if you want.

> 2)I also want to know if using Emerald and VOPMail together is the best way.
> We have most users with 1 dial up account but they will have about 5 - 30
> mailboxes, will this be ok ?
> We run EM/RNT in SQL6.5.

Yes, thats fine. You just need to create each account as a service
under the MBR, and make sure the account type is associated to the
External System that VOP Mail points to.


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