Re: [Emerald] I Need a FIX for this ASAP

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 31 Jan 2000 13:23:24 -0800

> Administrator wrote:
> I have a problem printing customer billing history and emailing
> invoices from
> machines that have Crystal Reports 6.0 installed on them.
> This is not a DSN problem, etc These functions work perfectly
> on ALL machine that do not have CR6 on them. I know the history.rpt
> is a CR7 report.
> HOW do I get emerald 2.5.326 to work properly with CR7 reports
> if CR6 was previously installed???????????

The earlier distribution didn't have the right dates/versions
for the CR engine files. This would cause the setup to NOT update
the files if you had emerald or CR previously installed. The
latest full distribution fixes that.

Check your *.log file and see if it updated the cr*.dll, and p2*.dll,
and u2*.dll files. There is an updates p2sodbc.dll file on the ftp
site that fixes a known DSN error (can't find server).


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