[Emerald] RFE: Bind Servers to Billing Group

Brian Johnson ( (no email) )
Thu, 27 Jan 2000 14:01:23 -0600


I really like Emerald. I really like the product and it's features minus a
few quirks.

I really think that the Servers should be linked to specific Billing Groups
(allowing for global also). This would limit logins to the servers that you
allow them on.

Example... We do wholesale authentication for several small ISP's. We want
to allow the users on ISP1 to be able to login to ISP1's terminal servers,
but not into anyone else's. But ISP2 and ISP3 share a terminal server and
will allow both servers to login either ISP's users.

Hope that makes sense.

Brian Johnson, Internet Specialist
Northern Valley Communications
V: 605-725-1000 x20
F: 605-725-1050

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